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Congratulation to our PBS manufacturing team. Another great home...this home celebrates a HERS Index of 42 Saving energy and saving the investment in the future.

Preferred Building Systems


What is Your Home's Fuel Mileage?

Preferred Building Systems Preferred Building Systems manufactures high quality modular homes that are energy efficient, built green and offer a comfortable lifestyle for their owners. Our homes are built to last, and easy to own. Our careful attention to detail at the factory and your builders commitment to energy

Preferred Building Systems manufactures many different styles and sizes of modular homes. Whether you are looking for an 800 square foot ranch, expandable cape as your family grows, stately two story with plenty of space or even a multi-family apartment complex; Preferred Building Systems has the custom design services to meet your needs. Contact us today to receive details about our manufacturing process and a booklet of sample designs to help you begin the process of owning your own modular home in just a few short months.

Affordable home plans are available for the budget minded consumer and custom modular homes and luxury modular mansions can be customized to fit your needs and desires. So, when you begin looking to buy a new house we recommend the systems built approach of our modular construction.

Advanced Modular Home Construction

Modular Home Set Modular home construction rivals site built homes with several distinct differences. We will build your home under the cover of roof and the weather never plays a roll in damaging or mildewing your structure. We build to a better tolerance than most site built homes because we are supervised by a third-party and we have systems in place to maintain the highest quality of product. Our homes also must be built to survive the travel from our factory and the crane ride on to your foundation.

Efficient Green Building Practices

Preferred Building Systems is committed to energy efficiency and all of our standard home components roll out ready to be constructed by authorized builders into homes that can earn the ENERGY STAR label. Our standard wall is 2x6 with dense pack cellulose, yielding an R-21. We also can add various foam sheathings to the exterior and create a higher performance wall system in modular construction. We practice careful air sealing and our attention to reducing thermal bypass results in a superior product.

ENERGY EFFICIENT Modular Components

PBS is a proud manufacturer of home components that the builder and their homeowner can complete to earn the ENERGY STAR label

Visit ENERGY STAR for more details.

Factory News


We have great Factory / Facility tours and Modular Home information sessions Monday through Friday between 10:00 and 2:00 by appointment, register with Sherri Hurd.

We will provide tours and information sessions by appointment to accommodate your schedule, please contact us today to schedule a time. We look forward to meeting with you, thank you for your interest.
Email Sherri Hurd or call Sherri at 888-756-3946 ext 1910 to setup your appointment
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Area Serviced

We offer environmentally and energy efficient modular homes in the

New England States of: New Hampshire NH, Vermont VT, Massachusetts MA, Maine ME, Connecticut CT and Rhode Island RI.

We use superior building products and processes that create a better built more energy efficient modular home. We make it easy to buy and own a home with our energy efficient product.

Preferred Building Systems (PBS) is a modular home manufacturer is located in Claremont New Hampshire. Preferred Building Systems is the manufacturer of affordable modular homes and luxury customized modular mansions, as well as multi-family homes and apartment units. Our systems built components include modular, panelized and prefabricated modules.


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