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LaValley Building Supply was founded by Harold and Geraldine LaValley in 1962. Today it is a second generation owned business headed by Lawrence Huot. It is the largest independently owned building materials supplier in Vermont and New Hampshire. From the beginning, we have strived to be always the low cost provider of building materials and services. The desire to provide our customers with quality products at prices lower than any of our competitors can sustain, led us into manufacturing many years ago.

LaValley Building Supply provides building materials to contractors and homeowners

In 1962 our business was started in Newport, NH, where we manufacture roof trusses, wall panels, door units, kitchen countertops, as well as operate a custom planing mill. In Middleton, NH we operate one of New England's largest state of the art saw mills along with dry kilns, planing and resaw operations. Over the years we've added convenient New Hampshire locations in Claremont, West Lebanon, North Walpole, Dover, Middleton, Meredith and Hampton. In 2001 we expanded into Vermont by acquiring stores in Rutland and Ludlow. Our growth has allowed us to maintain consistently competitive prices. We are known today as LaValley - Middleton Building Supply, Inc (LMBS)

LaValley Building Supply provides building materials for homeowners and contractors

As a member of the Lumberman's Merchandising Corporation, we combine our purchasing power with over 300 other independent lumberyards and home centers. With over fifteen billion dollars in combined purchasing power and the additional assets of our own manufacturing of homes, garages, trusses, and lumber (from our own mill, Diprizio Pine Sales in Middleton, NH), we present to our valued customers, top quality merchandise, lumber, building systems, project solutions and more experience often at lower prices than the big national chains.

In early 2006 LaValley Building Supply purchased the old Holson-Burnes Photo Album factory in Claremont New Hampshire and retooled it to manufacture energy efficient modular homes. After almost a year of retooling, remodeling and research and development the first homes began rolling off the line in July. As we constantly strive to build a better product we have tested and retested and are constantly improving the process. We are now building homes that we are proud to offer to consumers in New England.

Timeline for Preferred Building Systems Manufacturing Plant

March 2006 - Facility is acquired by parent company LaValley Building Supply

July 2006 - Direct drive air compressor installed - modulates to  air demand

December 2006 - All lights changed to T-5 and high performance lighting

January 2007 - Facility tooling begins - Install cranes, Electricity, jigs, mezzanines, air manifold and drops.

June 2007 - First house is started.   (Modular boxes move on production line on air pads)

August 2007 - First house is shipped

October 2007 - First house with 2x4 wall with 2" polystyrene foam sheathing shipped

January 2008 - Preferred Building Systems is able to hire and provide work to approx 40 Customize Structures, Inc employees (25+ year modular home company that succumbs in December 2007 to worst recession experienced in over 75 years)

February 2008 - Second house with 2x4 wall with 2" polystyrene foam sheathing shipped - scores a 45 on the HERS

December 2008 - house shipped 2x6 wall with dense packed cellulose scores a 50 HERS

March 2010 - Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, Dr. Kathleen Hogan from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Washington, DC visits the plant.

August 2010 - First Certified Modular Passive House is signed with Habitat for Humanity and collaboration with Efficiency VT, and Passive House Consultant

September 2010 - First Certified Modular Passive House is set - Air Sealing pays off as final blower door test attains .4 ACH @ 50 Pascals

August 2011 - 50 year old company New England Homes in Greenland, NH merges with LaValley Building Supply and all manufacturing of New England Homes shifts from Greenland, NH to the Claremont Preferred Building Systems plant

November 2011 - House shipped with 2x6 wall with dense packed cellulose scores a 42 HERS

January 2012 - Rolling average of PBS homes tested attain a 55 HERS  (51 homes tested)

April 2012 - Second Certified Passive House is delivered in VT

May 2012 - Third Certified Passive House contract signed

June 2012 - Parent company LaValley Building Supply celebrates its 50th year in business.


ENERGY EFFICIENT Modular Components

PBS is a proud manufacturer of home components that the builder and their homeowner can complete to earn the ENERGY STAR label

Visit ENERGY STAR for more details.

Factory News


We have great Factory / Facility tours and Modular Home information sessions Monday through Friday between 10:00 and 2:00 by appointment, register with Sherri Hurd.

We will provide tours and information sessions by appointment to accommodate your schedule, please contact us today to schedule a time. We look forward to meeting with you, thank you for your interest.
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Area Serviced

We offer environmentally and energy efficient modular homes in the

New England States of: New Hampshire NH, Vermont VT, Massachusetts MA, Maine ME, Connecticut CT and Rhode Island RI.

We use superior building products and processes that create a better built more energy efficient modular home. We make it easy to buy and own a home with our energy efficient product.

Preferred Building Systems (PBS) is a modular home manufacturer is located in Claremont New Hampshire. Preferred Building Systems is the manufacturer of affordable modular homes and luxury customized modular mansions, as well as multi-family homes and apartment units. Our systems built components include modular, panelized and prefabricated modules.


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